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XEROF empowers your Web3 company with Swiss-regulated financial services for third-party payments and investor management.

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"It's pretty clear there has been a decision across the bank regulatory agencies that crypto is inherently risky and needs to be extricated from the banking system"

- Brian Brooks, the former acting head of the Office of the Controller of the Currency (Source: CoinDesk)

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Those days over!
XEROF is here.

Built by Web3 experts for Web3 companies, XEROF gives eligible companies unchained financial services that unlock the power of crypto: secure, fully-compliant and at the speed of Web3: 24x7x365.

XEROF — Your Trusted Counterpart

As a Swiss VQF SRO FINMA-regulated virtual asset service provider (VASP), XEROF is your trusted counterpart to settle third party payments and manage investor relations.

Find out how leading Web3 companies are using XEROF to scale their growth.

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