Web3 Third Party Payments

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Scale your Web3 company with Swiss-regulated, compliant, financial services for third-party payments and settlement.

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Efficient Treasury Management

Manage your company's treasury effectively with XEROF; make third-party payments to partners and settle everyday operational transactions like payroll and supplier expenses. Simply provide us with your invoice and XEROF will settle it.

Cross-Border Third Party Settlements

Easily settle transactions in your country or across the globe in multiple currencies. Expand your Web3 company’s reach with our streamlined, regulated process and Tier-1 banking network.


Mitigated Currency Risks

Leverage XEROF's robust infrastructure and banking relationships to minimise currency risks, get competitive transaction fees, and execute ultra fast single transaction settlements.

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XEROF — Your Unfair Advantage

As a Swiss VQF SRO FINMA-regulated virtual asset service provider (VASP), XEROF is your secret weapon to outperform other Web3 companies. Our seamless on/off-ramp solutions, give you a competitive advantage; ensuring financial flexibility with Swiss precision and faster transactions.