Cryptoasset Payments with XEROF Pay

Access frictionless ramps for cryptoassets

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How to use XEROF Pay in your enterprise

XEROF Pay POS crypto payments

Integrate cryptoassets into your Point-of-Sale system (PoS)

With XEROF Pay, you can easily accept crypto payments in person by simply entering the amount in CHF, EUR, or USD into your PoS system. Your customer can pay directly from their cryptoasset wallet.

Invoice in cryptoassets

Send invoices via email with the option for your clients to pay with cryptoassets.

XEROFPay Invoice
XEROF Pay online Payments

Make online payments with cryptoassets

Integrate XEROF Pay as a payment option on your website to empower clients to pay with digital currencies.

How to use XEROF Pay for individual purchases

Buy and sell real estate with digital assets

XEROF is highly experienced in working with private sellers, notaries, escrow companies and title companies to execute real estate sales with cryptoassets. We work with leading luxury real estate agencies to make purchasing your property with cryptoassets easier than ever.

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Luxury Real Estate

Invest in luxury goods and experiences with digital currencies

XEROF makes it possible to securely buy and sell luxury goods like cars, yachts, watches, jewellery and more. Our reliable platform and deep liquidity ensure your transaction happens seamlessly. You can use XEROF to purchase these assets with digital currencies even if the seller prefers fiat currency.

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