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The Fundraising Reality for Web3 Companies

Many web3 companies are raising funds to continue developing their projects and offerings. They often raise funds from crypto-native investors, who make their investments in cryptoassets instead of fiat currency. As a result, web3 companies often struggle to convert these assets into fiat for their operations efficiently.

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XEROF’s On/Off-Ramp Solutions

XEROF provides qualifying web3 companies with an off-ramp solution, seamlessly converting the cryptoassets from investors into fiat.

Web3 companies and their cryptoasset investors can use XEROF to convert cryptoasset investments into fiat. The funds are sent directly to the company's bank via XEROF's Tier-1 banking partners. Each transaction comes with documentation for audit and accounting.

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Easy Compliance and Liquidity Management

XEROF helps businesses navigate regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with financial reporting standards. We offer OTC desk and fiat banking relationships for efficient liquidity management, which is crucial for your daily operations.


Entitled companies can send their cryptoassets to XEROF for an easy conversion into fiat. The funds are then wired directly to our client’s bank account in one single, simple, and compliant transaction.

Mitigated Exchange
Rate Risks

Dealing with fiat currency conversions involves the risk of unfavourable exchange rates and high transaction fees. With XEROF, web3 companies can mitigate exchange rate risks and minimise transaction costs, maximising the value of their digital assets.