The Guide on How to Buy and Sell Real Estate with Crypto

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Key Takeaways

  • Use Bitcoin and Ethereum: Purchase property directly using BTC or ETH through XEROF using unique third-party payment services.
  • Use Stablecoins: Transact using stablecoins like USDC and USDT through XEROF for increased speed and reduced fees in real estate deals.
  • Crypto Market Access: XEROF allows crypto holders to easily access the global property market and buy and sell properties worldwide.
  • Blockchain Benefits: Benefit from the security, speed, and transparency of blockchain technology provided by XEROF.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Enjoy a compliant and frictionless service through XEROF’s Swiss-licensed services.
  • Reduced Frictions: XEROF's platform delivers a smooth and frictionless transaction for both buyers and sellers of property.

Integrating digital currencies into real estate transactions is not just a trend but an evolving market practice gaining substantial global traction. Since 2022, real estate industry reports indicate a surge in the number of cryptocurrency real estate transactions, highlighting a significant shift in real estate investment strategies. There has also been a notable rise in using stablecoins for these transactions, which offer less volatility than traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This shift is significant for high net-worth individuals (HNWIs), investors, real estate agents, and property developers, making real estate accessible through innovative crypto solutions.

For HNWIs and investors, the allure of cryptocurrency transactions lies in their potential for quick, seamless exchanges and the opportunity to tap into a broader international market. Real estate agents and developers find value in crypto transactions as they attract a new demographic of tech-savvy investors.

XEROF is a leader at the intersection of digital currency and real estate, emphasising compliance and security. The platform offers comprehensive services tailored to facilitate seamless buying and selling of cryptocurrency properties.

Designed to meet the specific needs of HNWIs, real estate agencies, investors, and developers, XEROF upholds a high standard of transactional security and offers expert guidance on navigating the complexities of the real estate market with blockchain technology.

By integrating the ability for third party settlements, XEROF is making real estate investment more accessible and expanding the real estate market's boundaries. This expansion enables clients to partake in transactions previously hindered by geographical and regulatory barriers, making global real estate more accessible and manoeuvrable.

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Crypto and Real Estate Properties: A Primer

Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies secured by cryptography, making them nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. They operate on blockchain, a decentralised technology spread across many computers that manage and record transactions. This technology is praised for its security and transparency.

On the other hand, real estate comprises tangible, real-world assets (RWAs) such as land, buildings, and property. These assets are recognised for their stable value appreciation over time and their potential to generate passive income, making them a cornerstone in the investment portfolios of individuals and institutions alike.

Traditional vs. Crypto-Based Transactions

Traditional real estate transactions are often complex, involving multiple parties, extensive paperwork, and considerable time. They typically require intermediaries like brokers, lawyers, and banks.

In contrast, crypto real estate transactions streamline this process by eliminating many intermediaries. Transactions can be completed directly between parties using digital currencies on a blockchain platform.

Key Features of Reliable On/Off-Ramp Services

Blockchain technology offers several distinct advantages for crypto real estate transactions:

  • Transparency: Every transaction is recorded on a blockchain, providing a clear and accessible transaction history that enhances trust among parties.
  • Speed: Blockchain transactions can significantly reduce the time it takes to close deals from months to days or even hours.
  • Security: Blockchain's decentralised and encrypted nature makes crypto real estate transactions highly secure against fraud and unauthorised access.

Utilising XEROF's real estate services enhances these benefits further. XEROF's platform, designed to focus on security and compliance, integrates seamlessly with blockchain technology to facilitate the buying and selling of real estate with cryptocurrencies.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Globally, the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the real estate sector is increasing, with several countries emerging as hotspots for crypto-based property transactions. Notable among these are:

  • United Arab Emirates: In particular, real estate transactions can be conducted using cryptocurrencies in Dubai, which attracts a global clientele with its innovative approach to property sales.
  • Spain: Known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities, Spain offers a variety of properties that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies, making it a popular choice for investors.
  • Portugal: With favourable tax laws and a growing number of properties available for purchase via crypto, Portugal is becoming a leading destination for digital currency real estate property transactions.
  • Thailand: A top destination for tourism and expats, Thailand increasingly accommodates real estate purchases using digital currencies.

Given the complex and continuously evolving nature of cryptocurrency and real estate laws, engaging with your own legal experts is imperative. These professionals offer essential guidance on compliance and assist in navigating the regulatory requirements specific to each jurisdiction.

For example, navigating the capital gains tax implications is crucial when engaging in cryptocurrency property transactions, as tax obligations can vary significantly by jurisdiction. XEROF does not provide nor offer any form of investment, legal, or financial advice of any kind.

XEROF has established partnerships with leading real estate firms such as Engel & Volkers, Berkshire Hathaway, Remax, Century 21, Sotheby's, and over 300 other developers and real estate agencies, ensuring a wide array of expertly vetted properties are available globally.

These partnerships, coupled with the services provided by XEROF, help to simplify the transaction process and ensure that every transaction meets the highest compliance and security standards.

How to Buy And Sell Real Estate with Cryptocurrency

Engaging in real estate purchase with cryptocurrencies allows buyers to access premium real estate properties globally, making international real estate purchasing straightforward and efficient.

The Buying Process

The process of buying real estate with cryptocurrency involves several key steps:

  • Selection: Identify the property you wish to purchase and let the real estate professional know that you wish to use cryptocurrency to purchase it.
  • Contact XEROF: If the real estate professional does not already have contact with XEROF, ask them to make contact.
  • Negotiation & Contract: Negotiate the price and terms of the sale as normal, agree and conclude the contract of sale.
  • Open an Account: Open your account with XEROF and provide a copy of the sales contract for your property.
  • Payment: At the time of payment, XEROF will receive the required amount of cryptocurrency from you (the buyer), convert this to fiat and make payment to the seller according to the requirements specified in the contract of sale.

How to Attract International Purchasers by Removing Borders

Cryptocurrency inherently facilitates international transactions by eliminating intermediaries, thus making cross-border transactions smoother and more appealing to foreign purchasers. It also reduces transaction times and costs, providing a faster and more cost-effective way to own property internationally.

To further broaden market exposure, real estate sellers should promote the advantages of crypto transactions in their real estate listings, emphasising speed, ease, and security.

Additionally, partnering with global cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms can showcase properties to investors worldwide. Participating in international real estate and blockchain conferences is another effective strategy for networking with potential investors and raising awareness about your properties.

By effectively preparing for sale, streamlining the selling process, and strategically expanding the buyer pool, sellers can maximise their returns and ensure a swift and successful real estate transaction using cryptocurrency.

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Predictions for Blockchain and Crypto in the Real Estate Market

The integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency into the real estate sector is poised to accelerate, driven by several emerging trends:

  • Increased Adoption: As more purchasers and companies recognise the benefits, the use of crypto in real estate transactions is expected to grow.
  • Regulatory Clarity: As legal frameworks around crypto transactions become clearer and more standardised, transactions using crypto will become more streamlined and widely accepted.
  • Technological Integration: Advances in blockchain technology will enhance the security and efficiency of these transactions, making them even more appealing to a broad range of investors.

NFTs and Beyond

The real estate market is set to be further revolutionised by innovations such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Real World Asset tokenisation (RWA) and other blockchain technologies:

  • Real Estate NFTs: Properties can be tokenised into NFTs, allowing pieces of real estate to be bought and sold as digital assets. This simplifies the transaction process and provides transparent, indisputable ownership records.
  • Smart Contracts for Lease Management: Smart contracts can automate many aspects of property management and leasing, reducing administrative burdens and increasing transparency.
  • Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Applications: These could provide new ways for investors to finance their real estate purchases, potentially disrupting traditional mortgage lending.

How XEROF is Pioneering the Integration of Crypto and Real Estate

XEROF is leading the way in merging cryptocurrency with real estate and streamlining property transactions with advanced technology. Key features of XEROF:

  • User-Friendly: XEROF simplifies digital currency payments, making it easy for clients, merchants, and individuals to transact.
  • Cost-Effective: The platform supports a variety of fiat and digital currencies and maintains one of the lowest fee structures in the industry, facilitating efficient currency exchanges.
  • Secure and Compliant: Adhering to stringent AML/KYC regulations and supervised by FINMA, XEROF ensures that transactions are safe and compliant.

XEROF not only offers deep liquidity sourced from over 30 providers for the best transaction rates but also provides personalised support throughout the transaction process. This ensures that every client's experience is smooth and supported.

Innovative Real Estate Solutions

XEROF has crafted services specifically for the real estate market. These include:

  • Instant Crypto to Fiat Conversion: This allows direct settlement of exchanged fiat with sellers, notaries, escrow agents, or title companies, eliminating the need for multiple intermediaries.
  • XEROF Pay for Merchants: Offers efficient settlement solutions, enhancing transaction ease for real estate agencies and merchants.

This seamless integration of services makes XEROF a preferred platform for high-net-worth individuals, wealth managers, and real estate agencies looking for a reliable cryptoasset to fiat payment solution.

As XEROF continues to innovate and lead in this space, its efforts will enhance how these transactions are conducted and also contribute to the broader acceptance and integration of cryptocurrency in real estate globally. This visionary approach ensures that XEROF clients are well-prepared to capitalise on the evolving real estate landscape in the era of digital finance.


As we conclude our exploration into integrating cryptocurrency with real estate transactions, it's evident that embracing digital currencies can offer unparalleled advantages in terms of efficiency, security, and global market access.

By utilising platforms like XEROF, investors and real estate partners can confidently navigate this evolving landscape, making purchasing real estate simpler and more accessible. XEROF simplifies the complexities of crypto real estate transactions and ensures compliance with regulatory frameworks, effectively bridging the gap between digital finance and the global real estate business.

Whether you are looking to buy your next property with cryptocurrency or aiming to attract a global clientele to your real estate listings, XEROF's innovative solutions and expert guidance ensure successful and secure transactions.

We invite you to connect with XEROF's team of specialists who can provide tailored support and insights specific to your needs. Schedule a meeting today to discover how XEROF can transform your real estate dealings and help you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving property market.