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XEROF empowers Web3 companies to onboard and manage investors in crypto and fiat. Swiss-regulated, fully-compliant, and built to scale at the speed of Web3.

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Onboard Crypto & Fiat Investors

Your Web3 company needs the flexibility to work with investors in both fiat and crypto. Accept their chosen funding currency and use XEROF's on/off-ramp solutions and Tier-1 banking rails to get to work.

On/Off-Ramp Solutions

XEROF provides qualifying Web3 companies with robust ramping rails to on and off-ramp their assets across multiple crypto and fiat currencies.

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Minimise Exchange Rate Risks

Leverage XEROF’s deep liquidity and banking relationships to navigate crypto and fiat financial markets at the most competitive rates with minimal transaction fees.

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Ultra-Fast Execution

Convert your cryptoassets into fiat and receive a fully-compliant bank wire into your account in one, single, fully-compliant transaction.