Weekly Newsletter: WEF2023, Binance, and Luxury Property in Milan

WEF 2023 with XEROF
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Company News

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos remains one of the most important and significant gatherings of business leaders on the calendar. XEROF team visited many events during that week and we made a conclusion: we are on the right way. We are proud to have developed the most transparent, trustworthy, and professional services for our clients.

Our busy week started on Sunday because our team was honored to participate in the 3rd Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS) Klosters 2023 Private Dinner. The main topic was the importance of self-custody and control over your assets when participating in the crypto industry. A fact that is not lost on us at Xerof as we built our services from the ground up using segregated and multi-sig wallets to ensure that client assets remain precisely that, client assets.

Crypto Summit in Zurich gave us the opportunity to meet many old XEROF’ friends like Bill Tai & James Bowater - Crypto Insider. One of the most significant stable coins that XEROF supports, the Circle lounge was also one of the busiest locations where we had the chance to meet Jeremy Allaire and the fantastic Circle team.

XEROF was fortunate to be invited to the Swedish Lunch, where Sir Tony Blair and Klas Bergling, father of late DJ Avicii, gave moving speeches. XEROF's Swedish CEO, Nick Ntigrintakis, even got to share a ride and chat with the Prince of Sweden. XEROF's services caught the attention of a member of the Algerian Royal Family, who extended an invitation to attend & present at a high-level meeting in Madrid later this month. XEROF was proud to be present and contributing and looks forward to continuing to serve our valuable clients with transparent, trusted, and professional services.  More details

Binance Crypto
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Binance, Signature Bank and XEROF

This news became the most discussed item of the week. According to Coindesk, Signature Bank will not handle transactions of less than $100,000 for crypto exchange customers, according to a statement from exchange giant Binance.

Binance said in the statement emailed to CoinDesk that Signature had told the company that it “would no longer support “any of its crypto exchange customers with buying and selling amounts of less than 100,000 USD as of February 1, 2023,” and that this would be true for “all Signature’s crypto exchange clients.”

“This seems due to a development at Signature Bank, which also services a number of exchanges. It’s unlikely that this restriction will only affect Binance” - says Marc Taverner, Chief Operations Officer at XEROF.

“Many banks have been impacted by the recent market events forcing them to take action to repair their positions. This makes it harder still for market participants to access on and off-ramps in crypto. We doubt this situation will change anytime soon. One of the unique advantages of XEROF’s service is the frictionless way we are able to provide a gateway between crypto and fiat. Working with a clear Swiss regulatory framework and using segregated wallets and accounts provides trust and transparency so our services can continue to be enjoyed by our clients without interruption."  

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Milan Luxury real estate with crypto
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Real Estate News. Milan Luxury Real Estate soars as Wealthy Bankers Flee London

The exciting title of the Robb Report article certainly caught our attention and we think it will get yours too.

In the wake of the controversial Brexit decision, which led the UK to leave the EU, a record number of European financial offices have moved from London to other capitals on the Great Continent—and many of those companies are eyeing a new home base in the northern Italian city.

Because of the buzz around the city, the value of Milan’s luxury real estate rose by 25 percent in just six months ending last November, reaching over $6.3 billion—a significant increase from 2019 to 2021, when the average price of high-end properties only went up by 2 percent. As a result, housing in popular neighborhoods is highly competitive: The typical luxury residence will only stay on the market for just over two months on average, a shorter time period than before Covid-19 lockdowns began.

If you’re considering investing in Italian property or buying a house with crypto, it might be the right moment to start. Also, don’t forget our earlier article showing how you can use your digital assets as a mortgage deposit.

XEROF is a trusted and transparent Swiss crypto gateway designed for real estate transactions. Our platform allows you to easily exchange cryptocurrency for a variety of fiat currencies.

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