Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are new to the world of finance, so many mortgage lenders and brokers don't know how they feel about them. Some investors have made money with Bitcoin, but it's hard to buy a property with it because its value fluctuates, and it's hard to find out where it came from.

However, there are ways to use crypto to buy a house and also use it as a down payment or as a mortgage deposit. Below, we take a closer look at how you can go about using cryptocurrencies to buy your next property.

Can a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency be used as a down payment on a house?

You can't use the cryptocurrency itself as a down payment on a house, but you can use the money you make from it to pay for your down payment. To have any chance of finding a mortgage lender who will take this money, you would have to sell the money and show proof that you bought and sold it. Even then, it's hard because there aren't many lenders who can help.

Many mortgage companies won't give you a loan at all if your down payment comes from Bitcoin earnings. This is because they don't trust money that can't be fully tracked. There are, however, mortgage lenders out there that do accept crypto.

When a mortgage lender does accept an application where the down payment comes from Bitcoin profits, they usually put strict conditions on the deal. For example, approval would typically depend on each individual case, and the lender would want to see proof that the crypto funds can be tracked, turned into sterling, and verified.

Some lenders even send applications with Bitcoin deposits to the financial crime unit to make sure there's no sign of money laundering. They might also ask for a statement from the platform where the fund is kept and a bank statement to show the trail of contributions.

Can cryptocurrency be used to pay a mortgage?

Yes, it is possible to pay off a mortgage with cryptocurrency profits, but you would have to sell the cryptocurrency and convert it first. However, in countries where crypto is accepted as legal tender, you can pay your mortgage with crypto. 

It may be possible to pay with crypto through a crypto gateway such as XEROF as well. As it allows you to deposit crypto into the gateway and have fiat currency deposited into the mortgage broker's account. 

Can you use crypto to buy a house?

There are real estate agencies out there that accept cryptocurrencies such as USDT, Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment methods. However, even for real estate agents that only accept payments in dollars or euros, you can still use crypto to purchase a property. 

With the help of XEROF crypto gateway, you can buy properties with the cryptocurrency of your choice and have the money be deposited with the real estate agency in the required fiat currency. Whether it be USD, EUR or AUD there are no issues at all.


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