Buying real estate with cryptocurrencies was something that was unheard of until quite recently. However it is now rapidly becoming widely accepted among many of the biggest real estate agencies around the world.

To make it as easy as possible, XEROF offers a gateway platform that enables you to easily and securely exchange crypto to fiat. You simply transfer the crypto to XEROF, who in turn will deposit the same amount in the required currency into the seller's bank account.

This makes it easier than ever before to utilize your crypto currencies and allows you to purchase a wide variety of luxury goods, as well as real estate. The transactions are anonymous, secure and function on a global level. Making it possible for you to buy flats, villas and other properties from real estate agencies around the globe.

Worldwide Real Estate Agencies

Below, we will be taking a closer look at a number of the more well known real estate agencies around the world that you can use to find your next property. The following agencies are active in several countries around the world and offer the opportunity to browse luxury listings.

Engel & Völkers

Engel & Völkers are a global service company for the brokerage of residential and commercial real estate. Through unique, constantly growing network and strong brand, we have access to an exclusive clientele. The Engel & Völkers network enthusiastically lives the spirit of the brand.

Global business has changed since Engel & Völkers started 35 years ago. However, quality products, premium services and innovative thinking never seem to go out of fashion.Using this focused approach, Engel & Völker have steadily gained global marketshare, while simultaneously diversifying product portfolio to best suit the needs of  clients where we can accept crypto payments with our partnership with XEROF.


RE/MAX is short for Real Estate Maximums, and is an American real estate agency funded in 1973 that operates on a global scale. To date they are active in over 100 countries around the world and they have been the single largest real estate company in North America since 1999.

They offer listings in a wide range of prices, so while they do not specifically specialize in luxury housing or properties, they do offer plenty of high-end options in their catalog. Being one of the largest real estate agencies in the world means that they offer extensive information about all properties that are listed.

They offer an app to make searching for properties as easy as possible, they also offer virtual tours of properties and the ability to filter properties according to new listings, price reductions and luxury homes. Making it possible to only see high end properties, many of which offer the aforementioned virtual tour option, allowing you to inspect it without physically visiting. 

Keller Williams

Keller Williams offers their services in 50 different countries and regions. They are another American real estate agency that was founded in Austin, TX back in 1983. Having had humble beginnings as a single real estate office in Austin, they have quickly grown to almost a thousand offices globally with just under 200 000 associates.

The listings include homes, opportunities for developers as well as commercial spaces for businesses. They do offer a luxury section for buyers that are exclusively interested in high-end properties. Here you can find great properties in the biggest cities around the world including New York, Los Angeles and Paris to name a few.

Keller Williams has an app available for downloading in the Google Play Store and the App Store, making it easy to view listings on the go. The listings include plenty of information and photos showing what the property looks like. A large portion of the more exclusive listings also offer the opportunity to get a video tour of the property, where a real estate agent guides you via video and answers any questions you may have. 

Century 21

Keeping the trend going, Century 21 Real Estate is yet another agency from the US. It was founded in 1971 in Orange County, California. After opening a number of offices domestically and expanding to Canada in 1976, the expansion to new countries has slowly kept going ever since. To date they offer their services in over 86 countries and territories and they have just shy of 150 000 associates currently staffed.

Century 21 Real Estate offers a luxury section on their website for fine homes and estates. Making it easy to view only the best properties from around the world. While the majority of the luxury listings are within North America, there are also luxury listings in Italy, France and Spain to name a few.

All listings feature plenty of information and remarks about the property in question, as well as a number of photographs. However the listings tend to offer less photos and/or videos than many other real estate agencies. They also offer an app on Android, iOS through their website and on each OS’s respective app store.


Make good use of your cryptocurrencies by using them to buy properties to live in, as investments or as developmental opportunities. XEROF makes the transaction from crypto to FIAT simple and secure, while complying with all current regulations.

Thus you can feel safe when you purchase a property from any real estate agency around the world. Purchase your new condo or villa with crypto and experience using a specially designed gateway such as XEROF for all of your luxury goods purchases.


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