XEROF expands its financial offerings, launches web3 finance services bundle

April 16, 2024, ZUG - XEROF, a Swiss cryptoasset fintech, announced the launch of its web3 services platform. Its new offerings, including third-party payments and investment solutions, are designed to reduce the frictions between digital and fiat currencies for web3 and crypto-native companies, in particular those who struggle to access fiat banking services.

Web3 businesses must adjust to constantly changing market conditions in their treasuries of digital and fiat currencies. XEROF's new payment service processes fiat or cryptocurrency payments for clients and sends them to any global third party, typically on the same day. This eliminates the need for web3 companies to maintain fiat bank accounts, which are often challenging to establish and maintain.

Many startups face liquidity challenges when receiving funding in cryptocurrency since day-to-day operations often require fiat payments, and it’s getting harder to find bank providers accepting cryptoassets. XEROF provides the necessary liquidity and helps onboard investors in their chosen currency.

"The web3 industry is still in its early stages of development and growth. To ensure its maturation, there is a need for solution providers who can support web3 companies in their day-to-day operations," said Marc Taverner, CEO and co-founder of XEROF. "This often involves building solutions that are not flashy and ‘exciting,’ but are reliable and foolproof. XEROF's on/off-ramp offerings help bridge the gap between the traditional financing world and the new web3 one. At XEROF, we firmly believe that the merging of these two worlds is crucial for the future development of the entire sector."

Following strong results in 2022 and 2023, XEROF announced more offerings targeted at web3 companies to seamlessly operate between web2 and web3 financial markets.

XEROF was recently recognised as a finalist in the Paris Blockchain Week Awards in the Best Regulatory Innovation category. Learn more here.


XEROF is a Swiss-licensed FinTech specialising in cryptoassets. Our Tier 1 banking network allows clients to seamlessly navigate crypto and fiat transactions to manage investments, treasury, and settle third party expenses.

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