XEROF: Best Partner for Real Estate Agencies 2023. Opinion Piece

Written by CEO Nick Ntigrintakis

Blockchain technology has the power to transform real estate by creating a more streamlined contract management process, a transparent land registry system, and more. Although these new innovations hold great promise and will be highly beneficial for buyers and sellers alike, the most immediate and impactful benefit of blockchain technologies in real estate is to allow purchases to be made directly with crypto. 

Transacting high-value assets (like real estate) through digital channels has never been the norm. Offline real estate transactions often involve face-to-face interactions with numerous parties. However, blockchain technology has created a new method of settlement. Because blockchain systems now include smart contracts, it is possible to tokenize and exchange assets such as real estate.

XEROF is a platform that enables users to effortlessly buy real estate with cryptocurrencies by providing a secure and convenient means of exchanging digital assets for fiat money.

Real Estate and Blockchain Technologies

XEROF recognized the opportunity and built a service to cater to those seeking to securely purchase real estate through cryptocurrency.

The number of people interested in buying is growing, as evidenced by the tens of thousands of users on the Bitcoin network holding more than $1 million in their respective wallets. In addition, a survey of US homebuyers last year found that 12% of first-time buyers intended to sell digital assets for a down payment; this figure is up from 5% in 2019.

In fact, one real estate agent in Europe recently informed XEROF that they managed to secure over 100 transactions in a 12-month period using just cryptocurrency.

As mentioned above, blockchain and real estate will also create a smoother administrative process. For example, rapid contract management will result in faster processing times for transactions. Every aspect of a lease or sale transaction is automated with smart contracts, and payments are made instantly - even after business hours.

In addition, smart contracts will help to speed up pre-lease due diligence and background checks by assisting with identity verification.

The use of blockchain technology in land title registration, which has been difficult to access because most information is still stored offline, is another incentive for real estate agencies. The tedious process of registering and transferring titles can be significantly shortened, which also offers the advantage of transparency.

Why Real Estate Agencies Should Choose XEROF?

It cannot be denied that the innovative solution of using cryptocurrencies to buy real estate is becoming increasingly popular in the real estate sector. The development of exchanges like XEROF, which enables cryptocurrency investors to use their digital assets to buy real estate, has made this trend possible.

XEROF is a regulated and transparent Swiss crypto gateway that offers a variety of crypto services, including the facilitation of high-value real estate transactions.

The ability to settle a transaction from crypto to fiat into a third-party account is one of XEROF's most impressive features. This means users can easily purchase property with cryptocurrencies through the platform and track the real estate transaction process. XEROF is currently the only company that offers this service.

In addition, when customers exchange crypto for fiat, they can see that the funds are held in segregated wallets. By choosing XEROF, clients can take advantage of using cryptocurrencies in their real estate transactions with confidence and security.

We will also be launching a special Real Estate Partner Program very soon. This program will allow real estate agencies to bundle their real estate business and crypto payments, which will, in turn, increase revenue and encourage customer loyalty.

If you would like to be the first to learn more about this exciting initiative, please contact us here.

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