Weekly Newsletter: Crypto, NFT & Gaming, and XEROF Updates

In this week's edition, we will be catching up on some of the biggest stories from the crypto market, such as how BTC is now outperforming 97% of all S&P 500 companies, Arbitrum's native token is among the top 40 coins since last Thursday's airdrop, and we will also be looking at how the banking crisis is now predicted to be the catalyst for the next crypto bull run.

We share the latest in gaming and NFT news, including, Polygon and Immutable’s recent collaboration to create a new gaming network, Sony NFT patent confirms blockchain interest with PlayStation, and the Sandbox and Ledger join forces to secure Land NFTs. Let's dive in!

The latest crypto news from XEROF
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Crypto News

BTC Outperforms 97% of all S&P 500 Companies. According to Finbold, Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed nearly all of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the United States in the third month of 2023. This is despite the financial crisis that has already affected several major banking institutions. Only 12 companies in the S&P 500, including Tesla and Meta, have outperformed Bitcoin.

Arbitrum Holds Position in Top 40 Coins With 81% of Airdrop Claimed. Following last Thursday's airdrop, Arbitrum's native ARB token earned a spot among the top 40 most valuable cryptocurrencies as its price quickly skyrocketed before a selloff cooled the explosive hype. A day after the project unveiled the highly anticipated token to users of the Ethereum network, it climbed to 38th position among the largest digital assets by market capitalization, according to CoinGecko.

Banking Crisis is Predicted to be Catalyst for the Next Crypto Bull Run. The next cryptocurrency bull run, in which Bitcoin is likely to outperform all other cryptocurrencies, could be triggered by the banking crisis, claims Cointelegraph. As a result of the failure of major financial institutions such as Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse, public confidence in traditional financial institutions is waning, making Bitcoin more attractive as a hedge against banking risks.

The latest NFT & Gaming News from XEROF
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NFT & Gaming News

Polygon and Immutable Announce Partnership to Build a New Gaming Network. TechCrunch reports that Polygon and Immutable are teaming up to launch a new gaming network. Immutable, a Web3 gaming company, and Polygon, a Layer 2 blockchain company, expect their new strategic partnership to accelerate adoption. The main goal of the partnership is to make participation in web3-enabled games less risky for larger gaming studios and independent developers.

Sony NFT Confirms Blockchain Interest in PlayStation. According to Coingeek, the popular video game console maker Sony has filed a number of patents, with the latest suggesting that the company may invest a significant amount of money in implementing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its consoles. According to the document filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Sony plans to provide PlayStation 5 users with a standardized interface for interacting with NFTs.

The Sandbox and Ledger Partner to Secure Land NFTs. The Sandbox and Ledger Enterprise have joined forces, according to Blockchain Gamer, with an aim to provide its brand partners with a higher level of security integration. As a result, The Sandbox's Land NFTs will be supported in Ledger Enterprise, and the desktop version of Ledger Live will have a built-in widget.

The latest news from XEROF for your Business
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Company News

Press Release: XEROF’s On-Ramp / Off-Ramp Solutions. Read our latest press release that covers what you can expect when using XEROF’s on-ramp/off-ramp solutions. Did you know that there is also an option for fiat settlement to a third party, such as a real estate seller, notary, etc.? We offer tailored solutions to meet all of our client’s needs. Read on to find out more.

Use Case: How XEROF Supports OTC Exchange Users. XEROF’s OTC exchange enables users to smoothly carry out transactions, swap between cryptocurrencies, and securely store their digital assets in on-chain segregated wallets, which allows them to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies without compromising on ease or safety. It also offers deep liquidity, tight spreads, and fast settlements. If you would like to learn more, make sure the read all the details on our latest case study.

Podcast "Will Cryptoi Ever Be Regulated?". Check out the latest podcast episode of “Tech People” by Ken Coyne. This interview features XEROF’s COO, Marc Taverner, who discusses “Will Crypto Ever Be Regulated?”. The discussion covers the current state of the crypto market and its regulation and the progress made with the Markets in Crypto Assets (MICA) framework while also not forgetting the importance of AML and KYC. Listen to the podcast!

If you want to learn more about segregated wallets or discover what other services XEROF offers, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also get in touch via Telegram, Twitter,  LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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