The metaverse gaming market is expected to reach 943.3 million users and $168.4 billion in volume by 2030. While the industry has a lot of potential, there is still a lack of dependable solutions to connect the gap between traditional finances and cryptoasset transactions required by web3 gaming companies to facilitate their operations.

The client

UFORIKA is a connected ecosystem across gaming, technology & digital experiences, journeying into the heart of a world of play, creation and community. Unleashing its own unique storyline IP, UFORIKA invites you to discover its hidden past and play an active role in shaping its future whilst integrating with blockchain systems. 

The challenge

UFORIKA needed to make payments in USDT and fiat to critical suppliers during its launch cycle but, like many web3 companies in their development stage, they suffered delays in gaining access to corporate banking. This issue threatened their ability to pay suppliers and secure necessary services for launch activities.

The solution

UFORIKA partnered with XEROF to leverage our on- and off-ramp solutions between fiat and cryptoassets. This allowed UFORIKA to meet their financial obligations to suppliers and avoid launch delays. 

“XEROF’s support and speedy onboarding of our company were deeply appreciated. It’s clear that XEROF understands and has empathy with the challenges faced by web3 companies,” said Simon Brant, UFORIKA CEO. “Having a Swiss-licenced, compliant and professional financial service enabled us to make timely payments and contributed to our successful launch.”

“At XEROF, we believe that providing web3 companies with regulatory-approved, seamless and frictionless solutions is the foundation for the industry moving forward and for the mass adoption,” said Marc Taverner, co-founder and CEO of XEROF. “Without the right tools and solutions, linking web3 companies to traditional financial systems, we won’t go much further. We are happy we can assist many groundbreaking projects in this matter.”   

As the web3 market continues to grow, fostering the connection between traditional financial systems and innovative cryptoasset transactions is crucial for the success of web3 companies and the industry. Having dependable solutions like XEROF’s on and off-ramp offerings can be the difference between successful launches and unforeseen delays. 

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XEROF is a Swiss-licensed FinTech specialising in cryptoassets. Our Tier 1 banking network allows clients to seamlessly navigate crypto and fiat transactions to manage investments, treasury, and settle third party expenses.

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