XEROF Responds: Stablecoin Settlements Achieve Parity with Visa's Transaction Volumes in 2022

A newly released report by European hedge fund Brevan Howard reveals that stablecoin settlements in 2022 stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the transaction volumes of payments giant Visa, marking a watershed moment in the evolution of global financial transactions.

Researchers at Brevan Howard have uncovered a game-changing shift in the stablecoin ecosystem in their latest report. It shows that the total value of stablecoin settlements in 2022 was over $11 trillion, which is comparable to the volume of transactions processed by Visa ($11.6 trillion).

Brevan Howard Report: XEROF’s Response

Commenting on this significant achievement, Marc Taverner, CEO of XEROF, stated,

“The convergence of stablecoin settlements with Visa's transaction volumes signifies a turning point in the financial landscape. This milestone underscores the increasing maturity and acceptance of stablecoins and their potential to revolutionise non-speculative transactions, a notion central to XEROF's core values. In the future, we can expect stablecoin transaction volumes to achieve parity with more established and traditional payment processing networks.”

The report outlined how stablecoins have introduced a paradigm shift in transactions. Stablecoins have proven themselves to be an indispensable tool for a wide variety of financial activities, going beyond the constraints of traditional economic systems by providing a safe, efficient, and borderless medium of exchange.

Highlights from Brevan Howard’s 2023 Report

The study by Brevan Howard's analysts took a deep dive into the dynamic activities of stablecoins across prominent blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Tron, and Binance Smart Chain. The report revealed a large user base, with over 25 million blockchain addresses holding stablecoins worth over $1.

Fiat-backed stablecoins, including prominent names such as USDT, USDC, BUSD, and TUSD, were revealed to be pivotal in driving non-speculative transactions. These stablecoins connect the digital and physical worlds of finance by pegged their worth to real-world assets like bank deposits and US Treasuries.

Furthermore, the report unveiled that most stablecoin users in 2022 belonged to private individuals, with an astonishing 75% of weekly active stablecoin addresses engaged in transactions totalling less than $1000, highlighting the accessibility of stablecoin solutions.

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By acknowledging the market's current fluctuations in stablecoin performance within the context of market dynamics and regulatory developments, Brevan Howard's report anticipates a promising trajectory for stablecoins. The projection suggests that stablecoins could surpass the user base of Bitcoin within the next five years. This projection is grounded in the continued integration of stablecoins into payment systems and the sustained pursuit of innovative advancements within the industry.

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