BTC whales' $3B boost: January market insights

Hello there, and greetings from Dubai! 

As we continue to navigate the landscape of digital assets, several key trends and developments have caught the attention of our XEROF research team. Hong Kong's stablecoin regulations, attracting interest from players like Harvest Fund Management, highlight the region's growing importance in the digital asset market. In January, Bitcoin whales added an extra $3 billion to their holdings, indicating a divergence in market strategies among major players. This, coupled with the UK's unique stance on cryptoasset ETFs, highlights the wide-ranging sentiments and approaches within our industry. More about this below. 

From our own backyard in Switzerland, we're examining how trading companies can stay competitive in 2024. A key focus is the integration of cryptoassets, including Bitcoin, into international trade. With the 2024 Bitcoin halving event on the horizon, we also delve into potential impacts, historical patterns, and regulatory influences.

On another note, I've just arrived in UAE and look forward to attending the 10th edition of the Satoshi Roundtable. This year’s gathering of thought leaders and innovators in the cryptoasset space promises to be very exciting. I will be around for a few days - if you're here as well, drop me a message on my LinkedIn or at Always happy to connect! 

Until next time, hopefully, I'll share some insights from Dubai.


Market Moves & News of Note 

Bloomberg: Hong Kong stablecoin push attracts one of China’s top fund firms
Hong Kong's push to become a digital asset hub is gaining traction, with plans to roll out stablecoin regulations this quarter, drawing interest from major firms like Harvest Fund Management; this move could significantly impact the future of the digital asset market in the region. 

CoinDesk: Bitcoin whales boosted coin stash by $3B in January, data show
Bitcoin whales acquiring an extra $3 billion in January, despite $820 million net inflows into Bitcoin ETFs, highlights a divergence in market strategies among major players and suggests varied sentiments in the digital asset space.

Financial Times: UK looks increasingly isolated in its anti-cryptoasset ETF stance
Writer Steve Johnson highlights the UK's unique position in withholding retail access to cryptoasset exchange-traded products, sparking conversations about the FCA's need to reconsider its stance in light of the global adoption of digital asset ETPs in major financial centres.

Views from Switzerland

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