The sales department is the beating heart of any company. XEROF is proud of its dedicated, focused and experienced executives. We’re happy to meet you with our Head of Sales, Cristo Savidis.

Cristo has several years of company development expertise and continues to advance in this industry. He received his diploma from IHM Business School, where he studied Business Management. He also holds an MBA from the Stockholm School of Business.

I've spent most of my time doing business development and advisory for the financial industry and my own ventures. As a result, I wanted to improve my credentials. So, I made a well-considered decision to study Commercial Banking & Credit Analysis at the Corporate Finance Institute.

Working as an investment advisor and doing corporate investment, my skills set enabled me to see the industry and my own projects from a different perspective, allowing me to take a significant step ahead in their development., so Cristo.

The education and business-focused approach allowed Cristo Savidis to gain experience in solving tasks encountered in many industries. So, real estate became the next step in Cristo’s career.

For more than 10 years as a real estate broker, a certified property manager and an investment advisor, he enjoyed being at the front. Attending trade shows and meeting partners, customers, and colleagues meant a great contribution to the development of his real estate management, real estate investment and investment banking activities.

I’m really happy to share my experience with my colleagues in achieving our challenging goals. XEROF is a tremendously ambitious company that is more than just a new financial services provider. It is a new e-payment trend in the world of luxury products and real estate.

I believe my colleagues and I can make a significant difference in the markets. We can establish ourselves as a market leader in virtual asset exchange. - said Cristo Savidis.


XEROF is a Swiss-licensed Crypto Gateway that offers exchange services for customers who possess crypto wallets and want to use them as fiat currency to purchase real estate properties and luxury goods.

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