Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Where there was nothing but dunes a few decades ago, it is now a sprawling modern metropolis with skyscrapers reaching up to the sky. Today, it is the number one financial center of the Middle East, having the world's biggest harbor and a rapidly growing real estate market.

While Dubai is a popular destination to visit for vacations, it is also becoming an increasingly popular place to call home. Today, close to four million people live in the city, which is still growing rapidly. So with the growing popularity, it is simple to see why people who have seen great success in crypto would love to own property in the middle-eastern trade hub.

This is everything you need to know about how to buy property in Dubai with crypto.

Benefits of living in Dubai

Dubai is sunny and relatively quick and easy to reach from all corners of the globe. There are plenty of activities and attractions. Busy, busy, and shopping if you still get bored. The world's biggest, the world's tallest, and the world's most, almost everywhere you look.

Dubai is well known for its great food culture! Being a hub in the Middle East, plenty of Middle-Eastern classics and comfort foods can be found here, as well as luxury versions of them. In addition, there is food from virtually all corners of the earth, of course, thanks to the guest workers who make up almost 80% of the population.

Safety is another big advantage in Dubai, Many countries in warmer climates fall victim to having high crime rates while seeing booming tourism. However, this is not the case with Dubai. Crime is relatively low, and the citizens reportedly feel safer here than in most other places around the world.

Luxury is the biggest benefit of them all. This is the right place if you want to hit it big and become a big spender. Go to jet-set restaurants, drink champagne on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, and truly experience the most exclusive lifestyle that money can buy.

Dubai and Crypto

Crypto in Dubai is a bit of a double-edged sword. As there are no prohibitions against crypto, and they can be owned, spent, and traded without any issues. However, the central bank of the United Arab Emirates does not recognize crypto as a legal tender. 

What this means, is that you can use trade platforms to trade crypto just like normal, but you may encounter issues when you try to spend the crypto in Dubai. It is worth noting, however, that Dubai is very progressive with most things, especially when it comes to technology. As such, there are plenty of people that believe that crypto will have a bright future in Dubai, and the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

Real Estate Agents to use in Dubai

Knowing which real estate agents to use in Dubai can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the city. This is especially true if you are not in Dubai currently, but browsing housing from a different country. To help make it easier, we provide three options below for well-known real estate agents to use in Dubai.

RAMA Real Estate

RAMA Real Estate is a luxury real estate broker that can help you find your luxury housing in Dubai. They offer investment consulting, property viewing, as well as services after the sale. They offer flats, villas, and apartments all around the city, all with an exclusive feel. Most important, however, they help with documentation, which may be useful when moving to Dubai from another country.

Prestige Luxury Real Estate Dubai

Prestige Luxury focuses primarily on luxury real estate; however, they also offer commercial options. The homes range in size, location, and price, but the exclusivity never wavers. Whether you are looking for a townhouse, an apartment, or a full villa, it can all be found with Prestige Luxury, with new listings being uploaded daily.

D&B Properties

When looking for properties in Dubai, it’s hard not to stumble upon D&B Properties. While they do offer luxury homes, they also offer holiday homes as well as commercial spaces. Providing the opportunity to live in gated communities, apartments, and villas, this is a popular choice for many. If you plan to stay in Dubai for a longer period of time, they also offer plenty of informative content on their website.

Use XEROF when buying property

By using XEROF when buying your property in Dubai, you ensure that you will be able to purchase your home by using crypto. This is something that can otherwise be quite difficult, as crypto is not currently recognized as a legal tender in Dubai. 

Using a crypto exchange platform such as XEROF makes things infinitely easier and enables you to make all kinds of purchases using crypto that was previously impossible or very difficult. We offer secure and fast transfers that let you spend crypto the same way you would spend fiat currencies. 


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