Survey: majority of wealthy individuals and family offices eye cryptoasset integration

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I hope you are all having a great day. This week, our research team is bringing us many positive insights; one recent survey shows that HNIWs and family offices increasingly consider integrating cryptoassets into their portfolios, with 80% of HNWIs and 70% of family offices expressing high interest. The appeal lies in the potential for better returns, diversification options beyond traditional assets, and the privacy and control offered by digital assets (you can find more details in our most recent article here). If you are a HNWI or work in a family office, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one - let’s connect.

These stats were also clearly visible in our H1 2023 report, showing huge growth in transaction volumes and demand for cryptoasset-to-fiat financial services (500% increase in transactional volume from H1 to H2 2023). Check more numbers in our announcement here.

In the meantime, Nick and I are still in Dubai, attending the Satoshi Roundtable 2024 and other exciting networking events. I am leaving you with some nice reading material from our team - until next week!

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Market Moves & News Of Note 

Bloomberg: Binance push to re-enter the U.K. foiled by regulatory challenges
Binance struggles to re-enter the U.K. market, highlighting the ongoing regulatory challenges in this jurisdiction and emphasising the critical task of rebuilding trust with global regulators in the cryptoasset industry.

CoinDesk: El Salvador's Bitcoin-friendly President Nayib Bukele wins re-election
Nayib Bukele secured a landslide victory in the presidential election with over 85% of the votes. El Salvador is set to issue Bitcoin-backed "Volcano bonds" this year to fund a renewable energy-powered BTC mining industry after regulatory approval in December.

Financial Times: U.S. turns up the heat on cryptoasset miners
The U.S. intensifies its focus on cryptoasset miners, aiming to identify significant energy consumers, particularly in Bitcoin mining, amid concerns about the environmental impact and strain on electricity systems, with heightened scrutiny coming ahead of the scheduled Bitcoin halving in April.

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Other reading, insights and resources from XEROF.

Why family offices choose cryptoassets in 2024
A recent survey indicates a significant rise in interest among wealthy individuals and family offices in digital assets, particularly Bitcoin, and a projected $170,000 valuation after the upcoming halving event in April.

Elevating luxury real estate with faster payments
There is a growing acceptance of cryptoassets, facilitated by platforms like XEROF, as a reliable and beneficial payment method in luxury real estate transactions.

XEROF reports rising demand for cryptoasset rails and products
In a summary of H2 results in 2023, we reported a significant growth in transaction volumes, client base expansion, and banking partnerships, indicating a rising interest and demand for efficient cryptoasset-to-fiat financial services and payment solutions.

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