Real Estate is one of the most high-value transaction sectors, and Cryptocurrency involvement is nowadays evident. More and more people are becoming digital asset holders and choosing cryptocurrency payment methods as preferable. But still, not many real estate agencies can accept virtual assets. And in this case, XEROF is the best solution to use. Why? Let’s consider a case study, recently purchased with Ethereum a luxury apartment in Dubai Marina.

Case Study

The client is an individual, an Ethereum wallet holder who wants to purchase a dream apartment in one of the most prestigious Dubai areas, Dubai Marina. Local real estate agencies can’t accept digital assets as a payment method because the bank can’t exchange them into fiat. Moreover, it’s not able to proceed with the KYC procedure.

And this is the case when both parties need a partner like XEROF. The following situation happens just in a few steps:

The real estate agency collaborates with XEROF, and the buyer opens a XEROF account, provides a purchase agreement and identification documents, and transfers Ethereum to the XEROF digital wallet.

Then XEROF exchanges ETH to USD and USD settles straight to a seller’s lawyer's bank account and the lawyer settle the transaction with the land department.

Why does it look so easy? The answer lies at the top: XEROF is an absolute expert in the real estate, fintech, and cryptocurrency fields. But let’s figure it out.

Real Estate. Fintech. Cryptocurrency.

XEROF is a Swiss-regulated OTC crypto exchange that helps facilitate high-value real estate and luxury goods transactions worldwide. FINMA supervises it, and it means the company has obtained regulatory approval for providing cryptocurrency financial services. In other words, you are safe with Swiss regulatory law. 

XEROF was founded by a team of fintech entrepreneurs, real estate experts, dedicated and experienced executives with many years of successful experience in different countries' real estate and fintech sectors. This combination allows you to see the situation more broadly and clearly when you want to diversify your investment portfolio, buy your dream home, or sell real estate with crypto by expanding your offerings list and increasing sales opportunities.

XEROF offers OTC (over-the-counter) Crypto Trading Exchanges for high-net-worth individual clients through negotiated transactions. We provide trading blocks of high amounts with deeper liquidity and fast settlement for BTC, ETH, and USDT trades.

OTC Trading. Meaning.

In finance, OTC trades are conducted directly between two individual parties without taking place on an exchange. An OTC desk is a business that specializes in making OTC trades of a particular type of asset, in this case, digital currencies.

As with digital exchanges, OTC trades can be either fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-crypto, depending on the OTC desk’s offerings. But, unlike digital exchanges where the buyer and seller may be anonymous, OTC trades occur within buyer-seller networks in which both parties conduct business directly with each other.

XEROF OTC trading desk

OTC trading is neither registered nor conducted on any formal exchange, unlike exchanges. A price guarantee is provided by the OTC trading desk, which reduces transaction risk due to price degradation or market effect.

Placing orders through a reputable over-the-counter (OTC) business might differ between a lucrative and an average trade-in digital assets. When filing a trade request on the XEROF OTC Desk, KYC-compliant high-volume traders can make OTC orders with a minimum order value of $100,000 or comparable.

On a typical exchange, on the other hand, the trader may experience slippage loss due to the order size, which might negatively affect exchange prices. However, OTC trading is offered on the XEROF OTC in three popular pairs: BTC/USD, USDT/USD, and ETH/USD (also EUR and CHF) with the certainty of deep liquidity, frictionless access to digital assets, industry-leading security, and a single price execution for big trade orders.

OTC desk. Advantages.

  • Verified High Net Worth Traders. All fraud is eliminated as traders are KYC compliant. Absolute Confidentiality and Anonymity. OTC trading desks guarantee quick, private and secure trading of digital assets. 
  • Negligible Price Slippage. Investors can buy and sell considerable digital assets and avoid price slippage. 
  • Complete End-to-End Security, High Liquidity with No Trading Limits. There are no limits to trading, thus enabling significant transactions with high liquidity. An OTC Desk presents a secure trading platform for high-value and high-volume investors.
  • Constant Availability. There is always a network of buyers and sellers willing to trade digital assets at different prices and quantities. 
  • Low Risk. Given the high volume and wide-ranging network of traders, the risk is low, saving time and expenses for investors.

The user experience and speed of the transaction and cryptocurrency pair are essential when choosing a XEROF OTC exchange. XEROF provides investors with a credible, trustworthy OTC trading desk at affordable pricing and quick trading speeds. Contact us with any questions.

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XEROF is a Swiss-licensed FinTech specialising in cryptoassets. Our Tier 1 banking network allows clients to seamlessly navigate crypto and fiat transactions to manage investments, treasury, and settle third party expenses.

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