XEROF attends Crypto Valley Conference to Empower Web3 Companies to Overcome Banking Obstacles

XEROF founders, Nick Ntigrintakis, President and Marc Taverner, Chief Executive Officer are looking forward to attending this year's Crypto Valley Conference, the premier event for the global blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

As a leading provider of financial services for web3 companies, we are excited to connect with founders and finance leaders in the web3 space.

Our mission is to re-bank the de-banked by providing financial services that empower web3 companies to overcome traditional banking obstacles. We believe that every founder deserves access to seamless, secure, cost-effective financial solutions, and we're dedicated to helping web3 companies like yours overcome the challenges of traditional banking.

Reach out to us to schedule a meeting and learn how web3 companies are leveraging XEROF’s Tier-1 networks to pay third-party invoices, settle cross-border payments, onboard investors in their chosen currency, and scale their growth.

Marc Taverner, Co-Founder & CEO: Link to Marc’s Calendar

Nick Ntigrintakis, Co-Founder & President: Link to Nick’s Calendar

We look forward to meeting you at the Crypto Valley Conference!


XEROF is a Swiss-licensed FinTech specialising in cryptoassets. Our Tier 1 banking network allows clients to seamlessly navigate crypto and fiat transactions to manage investments, treasury, and settle third party expenses.

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