Weekly News: Today about Crypto, Luxury Goods News, and XEROF Pay for Businesses

In this week's edition, we will be diving into some of the most newsworthy events in the world of crypto and blockchain, including Microsoft's upcoming Web3 wallet, Justin Sun proposing to buy Credit Suisse, and the upcoming release of NFT Nike Air Force One sneakers in physical form.

We also share the latest in luxury news, such as Rolls-Royce bidding farewell to the Wraith model with a limited edition release, Hermès breaking into the beauty industry, and how Jaguar Land Rover plans to celebrate its 75th anniversary with a collaboration with Lego. Let's go!

The Latest Weekly Crypto News by XEROF
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Crypto News

Microsoft Developing Web3 Wallet on Edge Browser. ​Web2 IT giant Microsoft is developing a new feature that will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies through its default web browser (Edge), according to a recent report from CoinTelegraph. Users will be able to transfer cryptocurrencies and NFTs using the built-in, non-pledged Ethereum crypto wallet.

Tron Founder Proposes to Buy Credit Suisse. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, tweeted Sunday that he is considering buying financially distressed Credit Suisse and converting it into a "crypto-friendly" bank. Sun believes that incorporating Credit Suisse into a financial organization that supports cryptocurrencies could open the door for a more innovative and decentralized financial system.

NKT Nike Air Force 1 NFT to be Released in Physical Form. The official Twitter account of digital art design company RTFKT revealed that the NFT Nike Air Force 1 sneakers would be made available for physical release and purchase, according to Coinspeaker. Only owners of items from this NFT collection will be able to participate in the forging event, which will run from April 24th to May 8th on RTFKT's official website.

The Latest Luxury Goods News by XEROF
Image Source: XEROF | Rolls-Royce

Luxury Goods News

Rolls-Royce says Goodbye to Wraith Model with Limited-Edition Release. The Times of Malta reports that Rolls-Royce's new V12-powered coupe will be released before Rolls-Royce begins building its all-electric Spectre. The factory will produce 12 limited-edition Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow models. But don't get too excited; each of the limited edition vehicles has already been assigned to a customer.

Demand Grows for Hermès Beauty & Cosmetics. After experiencing significant demand in China and ongoing momentum globally in 2023, Hermès reportedly continues to expand its cosmetics offerings, according to Jing Daily. Although the design house launched its first perfume in the 1950s, Hermès is still a relative newcomer compared to legendary brands like Chanel. Nevertheless, Hermès feels encouraged by its initial reception in China and will continue to expand its cosmetic brand.

Jaguar Land Rover celebrates 75 years with help from LEGO. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Land Rover brand, the company has partnered with LEGO to launch the iconic Land Rover Defender 90 set, aimed at enthusiasts who enjoy assembling their own off-road vehicles. The 2,336-piece set also includes various accessories and will be available from April 1st.

The Latest Company News by XEROF
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Company News

XEROF's Merchant Services. Cryptoslate recently revealed the findings of a survey that showed 40% of young people now want to use crypto for payments. This number is only set to increase as crypto becomes more popular and acceptable with retailers. For merchants who want to stay ahead of the curve, we recommend checking out XEROF Pay.

XEROF Pay is a payment gateway that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. With XEROF Pay, merchants can easily and securely receive payments in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and USDC without the need for any additional hardware or software.

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