We’ve all seen how cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely accepted as a method of payment. This is true for virtually all products and services out there. Today it’s possible to make a wide variety of different purchases simply by using the biggest cryptocurrencies. Just a few years ago, this would have either been incredibly difficult, or flat out impossible.

However these days it is even possible to conduct a number of purchases in the high-end area, as discussed in several existing and upcoming posts. This does raise a good question though, can you charter a private jet with cryptocurrencies? Keep reading to find out if it’s possible, how it’s done and everything else there is to know.

What are private jets?

Like most of you are probably aware of, private jets are a popular means of travel in the high-end travel industry. Rather than traveling business class, or first class on a bigger airplane that has several other passengers. A private jet lets you, and your guests, be the only passengers. This makes the trip much more flexible and also usually speeds things up.

A private jet also enables you to fully tailor your experience onboard. Some private jets let you choose your own crew, plan the meals and select the entertainment and technology hardware that is installed. Exactly how much of your experience you can alter is something that changes depending on where you choose to book your private jet from.

Private jets come with a number of benefits:

  • You can set your own time of departure, no need to comply with existing schedules which offers excellent flexibility
  • You can move around freely during the flight as there is plenty of space
  • A private jet often allows you land at smaller airports closer to your destination, rather than being confined to larger airports
  • The possibility of conducting business on the flight or even holding small meetings can make it an efficient means of travel

Can you charter a private jet with crypto?

Simply put, yes it is entirely possible to charter a private jet with crypto. However it is worth noting that most airlines currently only accept Bitcoin or Ethereum. A number of private airlines may also accept USD-pegged stablecoins such as PAX, USDC or GUSD. However to ensure use at as many airlines as possible, Bitcoin is by far the safest option as this is the most widely accepted cryptocurrency.

Some of the private airlines that accept cryptocurrencies are:

  • Privatefly – Privatefly was the first private airline to accept cryptocurrency as a payment for their services. Having accepted crypto since early 2014, they have plenty of experience in doing so. This airline accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and a number of USD stablecoins. The payment process is conducted through BitPay.
  • Cielo – Cielo Aviation accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for their services. This is one of the few airlines to accept Dogecoin as a payment method, which is sure to please fans of the memecoin. However they also accept Ethereum, Bitcoin and a number of USD stablecoins. The payment itself is conducted through BitPay.
  • Monarch – Monarch Air Group lets you use Bitcoin to book your flights. The payment process is done by transferring the funds directly from your crypto wallet. Crypto can be used for a wide variety of planes at Monarch and for international flights, as well as domestic flights within the US.
  • LunaJets – LunaJets accepts payment via cryptocurrencies. LunaJets also uses Bitpay to process the actual payment. The list of accepted currencies is extensive and includes staples such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However we also see other options here such as Cardano, Tether, Avalanche and Terra to mention a few.

The best cryptocurrencies for travel

As mentioned above, the majority of private airlines accept Ethereum or Bitcoin. And while there are certain examples of other currencies being accepted, such as USD-pegged stablecoins or even Dogecoin, the biggest cryptocurrencies are the most accepted.

If you are wondering which currency is the best to stock up on before you set off, your best option is hands down going to be Bitcoin. This is the currency that is the most recognized among all of crypto, which makes it the most widely accepted option as well.

However some airlines may be more interested in crypto, which enables them to offer more payment options including a wider variety of different currencies. Ultimately it will come down to your preferred airline and which options they have to offer.

To make this easier for you and the airline, you can use the crypto exchange for luxury goods we offer here at XEROF - the Swiss-licensed crypto gateway. The company is happy to provide financial services to businesses and private customers, exchanging a few crypto pairs, including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, based on your contract of purchase. Thus making it much easier to conduct purchases by using cryptocurrencies, even where the means to do so may be lacking.

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