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Greetings from beautiful Davos!

It’s been almost two weeks on the road now - we had some amazing meetings in St. Moritz last week, and now we’re in Davos, where the World Economic Forum is held. Switzerland is the go-to destination for the industry every January, and, of course, I couldn’t miss the chance to join WEF and catch up with old (and new!) friends.  

Last week was marked with the SEC’s approval of ETFs, and the echoes of it are present in many conversations we have here. I am still undecided about whether ETFs are good or bad for the industry. The good could be increased education, stimulating demand for Bitcoin, and providing greater access to a wider population. But what could be on the negative side is the need for ETF providers to acquire a significant amount of Bitcoin, which could threaten digital currency's decentralisation ethos. As ETF holders acquire more Bitcoin to issue ETFs, the ownership of the digital assets could become centralised. 

Additionally, ETFs have not driven up the price of Bitcoin as people had hoped. In fact, there were even a few downward dips when the ETF news was announced. Interestingly, 15 alternative coins to Bitcoin saw sharp increases in value once the ETF was released, while Bitcoin remained relatively stable. I recently shared my views in an opinion piece for Euronews here.

Aside from ETFs, the market's tone is focused on rebuilding trust after the scandals predominantly led by the fall of SBF. The World Economic Forum's strapline this year is "rebuilding trust," and this theme is present in all the events I attend.

Let’s see what the next weeks bring us - it will surely be an exciting ride. If you happen to be in Davos these days, drop me a note at Always happy to connect.

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P.S. Here’s the full list of events I’m attending with Nick. If you’re not in Switzerland this year, maybe we will see you in Dubai at the Satoshi Roundtable beginning of February?

Warm regards, 
Marc Taverner

Market Moves & News Of Note 

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Financial Times: Bitcoin’s Wall Street takeover frustrates crypto’s true believers

The success of Bitcoin, propelled by the approval of cryptoasset ETFs and Wall Street's support, marks a watershed moment challenging its original decentralised ethos. As Bitcoin transforms from a revolutionary concept to a speculative asset, its future trajectory raises questions about the balance between mainstream integration and maintaining its decentralised roots.

Views from Switzerland

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