Custody Crypto-financial services

XEROF provides safe custody for crypto-financial transactions which are usually conducted within a few days.

The Private Key to Your Peace of Mind

The wallet address is under the client’s name, so that the client can send the amount in crypto. The crypto currency will be held in on-chain segregated wallets on behalf of the client before the exchange.

Next-generation digital asset security is one of XEROF’s top priorities, putting our customers’ minds at ease. Our wallet technology uses MPC-CMP with hardware isolation to create a multi-layer security technology.

XEROF Custody

XEROF's Crypto Gateway Advantages for Custody Services

Total Privacy

XEROF's Crypto Gateway protects the buyer's privacy for custody services.


As a decentralized currency, crypto doesn't involve intermediate institutions like banks.

No Boundaries

XEROF's Crypto Gateway enables easier international and overseas custody.