While real estate properties and the stock market are commonly talked about as great investments, jewelry can be an amazing investment opportunity as well. However it is worth noting that this only applies to high quality jewelry and designer pieces.

When it comes to investing in jewelry, quality above quantity is the only appropriate mindset. However, there are a number of caveats to be aware of before investing in jewelry.

Why Jewelry is Often a Good Investment

There is quite a simple reason that explains why jewelry can be a good investment. It simply comes down to scarcity, precious metals are becoming increasingly rare and high end materials like diamond and platinum have been in high demand for centuries. While many other trends and markets have come and gone, risen and crashed, this high demand has persisted.

It is also worth noting that one piece of jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to stay in the same form. One big advantage to jewelry is that it can be smelted down to make a new piece, or combined with other pieces to make something different. This allows them to be changed and find value in a number of different ways. 

How to Purchase Jewelry with Crypto

Now that you know that jewelry can be a great investment, naturally the next question is going to be, how do you go about purchasing jewelry with cryptocurrencies. Thankfully this is made quite simple with XEROF. We offer you the ability to deposit crypto into our wallets, in exchange for USD, EUR or CHF directly into the reseller's bank account.

This exchange makes it possible for you to shop for high end jewelry to invest in by using cryptocurrencies. Using XEROF allows you to make these purchases with as few steps as possible, which means you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

How to Know Which Pieces are Worth Investing In

While it can be complicated learning the precise ins and outs of the jewelry investment market, there are a number of options that are greatly recommended. For starters, you want to invest in jewelry made with precious or rare materials. This is because this naturally makes each finished product rare, thus making it a better investment. 

Some of the more popular materials to look for are:

  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Vintage jewelry
  • Sapphires
  • Rubies
  • Saltwater Pearls

While trends come and go on a yearly basis, rare materials will continue to be sought after and as a result the price will go up. This makes it more likely that your investment will be a big success. Even if you never get around to selling the jewelry for a profit, it can make great gifts to give away for special occasions. While silver, gold and platinum are more susceptible to market movements and trends, gems and diamonds are historically less affected by fluctuating trends.

When is Jewelry a Bad Investment?

While reputable sellers are unlikely to try to falsely market a piece of jewelry, it is a very real thing that happens around the globe every day. This is something that can quickly make your jewelry investment turn sour. This is why you should always ask for proof of legitimacy or the purity of any jewelry purchased.

This leads into the second point, where a false history can be given to a piece of jewelry. For example if you are a collector of medieval items, you may be willing to pay a premium for a piece of jewelry from a medieval ruler. Sometimes jewelry that is several centuries younger, is claimed to have historical significance to bump up the price. Thus this is something to be mindful of, especially when a deal sounds too good to be true or when the price gets exceptionally high.

Why Diamonds are Valued Differently

Unlike other materials such as gold, which are priced per weight, diamonds are priced for their quality. One gram of pure gold has a set price, but the cost for one gram of diamonds can vary wildly. This is also one of the reasons that make diamonds less susceptible to movements and fluctuations in the market. Whereas historically the price of gold has gone up and down quite a bit, the price of diamonds has been more stable.

When investing in diamonds, it helps knowing which diamonds are worth the most. Colored diamonds with high clarity are among the most valuable. However high quality white diamonds, which are clear diamonds, can also be worth a whole lot. Especially if they are of a larger size. 

When it comes to diamonds it helps to know about the 4 C’s which are:

  • Cut - The cut impacts how much the diamond sparkles, or how brightly it shines.
  • Color - Less color usually means a higher grade diamond.
  • Clarity - This refers to the imperfections in the diamond. While they can be impossible to spot with the naked eye, a specialist tool can be used to determine the clarity of a diamond.
  • Carat - Carat in a diamond refers to the total weight and also has one of the biggest impacts on the total price. 

These terms are used to grade diamonds and to help determine their value. While these things can be insignificant for everyday use, such as for a wedding ring for example, these are huge factors for diamonds as an investment. 

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