Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers about XEROF’s crypto exchange services.
Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions! 

No, XEROF provides crypto exchange services to both companies and individuals.
We accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Tether.
We exchange crypto to CHF, USD and EUR.
No, XEROF does not set limits on its exchange transactions.
Definitely yes. XEROF will never share your private or business information with any third party.
XEROF’s crypto exchange rates are based on the current market prices of the cryptocurrencies.
Yes, you may use more than one crypto currency per transaction.
Definitely yes. XEROF is a Swiss-licensed Crypto Gateway and operates by the latest safety and security standards.
XEROF is headquartered in Switzerland. The company obtained Swiss regulatory approval by Finma and is supervised by the SRO VQF for AML compliance.
Crypto OTC (meaning over the counter) are specialized trading desks designed to exchange existing tokens against FIAT for their B2B and B2C clients after an onboarding process.
XEROF will deposit the exchanged Fiat money directly into the seller’s bank account.
We charge an all-inclusive transaction fee.

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